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Ingiant technology is a professional customized rotary joint manufacturer in China, integrating scientific research, development and manufacturing. The company's main products include: conductive slip ring, rotary joint, high-pressure rotary joint, high-speed rotary joint, high-temperature rotary joint, swivel joint, multi-channel rotary joint, hydraulic rotary joint, mud rotary joint, rotary joint of environmental protection equipment, sealing laminated ring, metal hose and other sealing supporting products.

Ingiant brass/copper rotary joint is mainly used for rotary transmission of cooling water, high-temperature water, gas and low-temperature oil. It has reliable quality and will not leak. The product has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small friction torque and balanced seal.

The rotary joint adopts stainless steel central shaft, with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance of 800 ° C, good processing performance and high toughness.

The shell is made of copper. Copper not only has excellent conductivity, but also has high melting point (1083 ° C), good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, reliable operation and long service life.

Rubber O-ring is adopted, which has good characteristics of oil resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance and high pressure oil resistance. It has good compressibility, wear resistance and elongation.

CNC machining, with high dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, position accuracy and surface accuracy and low error.

The mechanical seal is made of natural graphite and stainless steel metal parts, so that the product has more reliable sealing. Moreover, through the improvement of product structure and exquisite sealing system by Ingiant technology, it can ensure that the product will not leak in a variety of working environments.

Ingiant brass/copper rotary joint is mainly used for the transmission parts of coiler, uncoiler, hot rolling, cold rolling, hydraulic equipment and other equipment.