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UAV is the brief of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is a kind of unmanned aircraft controlled by radio remote control equipment and control program of its own. UAV system is composed of aircraft platform system, information gathering system and ground control system while high-speed image pickup device and conducting slip ring play a large part in information gathering system. As slip ring can transmit different signals such as ele3ctric current and video between any electric parts that can rotate in 360 degrees relatively continously, it assures the normal operation of drones when flying or in the process of all-directional rotating photographing in 360 degrees.

INGIANT’s minimum small size slip ring has 5.5mm outside diameter.Although the production processing is difficult,user still knee on this model,especial for UAV application.The outstanding characteristics of the slip ring for drone is the compact size.Thus,this series small size slip ring is hot sales especially in this application.

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