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Slip Ring for Lithium Equipment

     INGIANT slip ring is an electromechanical component that can transmit current and data signal from stationary device to rotating device, also known as conductive ring, current collecting ring, electric brush, rotating electrical joint or electrical head. INGIANT slip ring can be used in any mechanical and electrical system that requires unlimited continuous rotation. It has been widely used in amusement, communication, security, power, instrument, chemical, medical, radar, aviation, military, ship, transportation, construction, industrial automation and other mechanical and electrical equipment.

     Lithium equipment generally refers to various manufacturing equipment used in the production process of lithium battery. There are more than 50 processes in the production process of lithium battery, and more than 50 kinds of equipment are needed to complete each process. In the production of lithium battery, it is necessary to mix the special solvent and adhesive for pulping with the powder positive and negative active substances respectively, and then make the pulp positive and negative substances after high-speed mixing. After winding, the battery is made into a battery pole core, and then through the process of pouring electrolyte, sealing, etc., the assembly process of the battery is completed, and the finished battery is made.


Typical technical parameters of slip ring of lingiant special lithium battery equipment:
◆ ring number current: 240 * 2A
◆ working voltage: 240VAC
◆ working temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
◆ working humidity: ≤ 60% RH
◆ working speed: 0 ~ 100 rpm
◆ insulation resistance: ≥ 500m Ω @ 500VDC
◆ withstand voltage strength: between two circuits ≥ 1000V @ 50Hz
◆ shell material: aluminum alloy
Contact material: precious metal:
◆ installation method: the rotor end is fixed on the spindle provided by the customer with screws
◆ the number of jobs can be customized according to the customer's requirements
◆ multiple loops, compact structure
◆ slip ring internal integration, stable performance, meet customer requirements


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