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In robotic application, slip ring is known as robotic rotary joint or robot slip ring. It is used to transmit signal and power from base frame to robotic arm control unit. It has two parts: one stationary part is mounted on the robot arm, and one rotating part mounts to the robot wrist. With a robotic rotary joint, the robot can achieve endless 360 degree rotation without any cable problems.

According to the specifications of robots, robotic slip rings range widely. Usually a complete robot will need several robot slip rings and these slip rings probably are with different requirement. Till now, INGIANT has already offered many different rotating electrical slip ring contacts to robotic applications including compact capsule slip rings, through bore slip rings, pan cake slip rings, fiber optic rotary joints, electro-optic rotary joints and custom-designed slip ring assemblies.

The largest robotic application market of slip rings is the home robots market instead of industrial robots market. Normally, industrial robots have higher requirements of slip rings along with their different working environments and function. Relatively, home robots have much simple requirements of slip rings. Different home robots have different functions too, such as vacuum cleaning robots, floor scrubbing robots, floor mopping robots, pool cleaning robots and gutter cleaning robots, but all of them share similar small shape and working environment, INGIANT compact capsule slip ring contacts with their small size, superior signal transfer capability and low cost, are able to meet home robots’ all needs of infinite 360 degree rotation from their fixed part to the rotating part.



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