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Military Industry
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Military conductive slip ring is the general term of the special conductive slip ring for military equipment. They are also known as military slip rings. With the development of science and technology, all countries are developing new military equipment. These new military equipment need 360 degree rotation and transmission of current or control signal in some key parts, which greatly reduces the installation space in structure and performance, and improves the performance of military products. The requirement of slip ring in military industry is higher than that in common civil field. Its technical indicators are: stable performance, long service life, maintenance free, which can fully meet the special requirements of military equipment in different application fields, such as high protection level, high and low temperature resistance (- 55 ~ 120 ~ C), anti vibration, anti impact, high voltage, etc. Resistance and low electrical noise (less than 5m). Special requirements such as isolation greater than 60 dB, signal transmission loss is very low. Therefore, when manufacturing military conductive slip rings, from the perspective of materials, it is necessary to ensure that military materials are used from inside to outside, and precious metal gold contact materials are used for conductive rings and brush wires. In order to ensure wear resistance, stability and reliability, stainless steel is selected as the shell material to ensure high protection level. In the processing technology, it is required to have high processing accuracy and improve the stability of the sliding ring. What are the main areas of military conductive slip rings?
1. Shipborne radar turntable
2. Rotating turrets on military armored vehicles
3. Military agitator
4. Military robot (mine sweeping)
5. Airborne radar turntable / guidance / air early warning system
6. Ship electric propulsion, radar guidance, missile launch and defense system
In the future, the development of military equipment tends to automation. It is believed that in the near future, automatic military robots will also appear in the battlefield. The diversity of signal type and current power, the high requirement of zero interference and the complexity of equipment installation all determine the importance of selecting conductive slip ring