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RPT Single Channel Optical Fiber Rotary Joint(OFRJ)







Interpolation/Temperature Cycle Curve



Return loss/temperature cycle curve



     The delicate R series single channel optical fiber rotary joint has a variety of packaging  types. It can be either optical fiber connection or FC or ST socket connection at the  rotating or stationary ends. There are nine combinations to meet your system needs.   

     R series optical fiber rotary joint has the characteristics of low insertion loss and high  return loss. The return loss of RPTA type is as high as 60 dB. It can work in extreme high and low temperature and harsh environment. RPPC with pressure compensation can work in shallow water.

     The insertion loss and return loss of all optical fiber rotary joints are accomplished by optical fiber fusion. That is to say, the additional value of optical fiber connector is not  included in the test data.
Technical Parameter
Parameter Value
Wavelength range 650-1650 nm
Insertion lose <2 dB/RPT&RPTA; <3 dB/RFC; <3 dB/RST
Insertion lose variation <+/-0.25 dB (Typical value: +/-0.15 dB)
Return lose (SM) >40 dB(RPT), >30 dB(RFC/RST), >55 dB(RPTA)
Maximum speed 2,000 RPM
Pressure compensation 1,000 psi (RPT only; RPC for higher pressure)
Pulling force 10 N
Starting torque <0.1 Nm
Life expectancy >50 million round (1,000 rpm/365 days continous)
Withstanding power 23 dBm
 Working temperature -40 to 85 C
Storage temperature -50 to 85 C
Package type Tail output or socket (FC, FC/APC, or ST)
Body material Stainless steel
Optic cable spec. SM/MM, 3 mm Kevlar/PVC or 2.9 mm sheath
RPT Connector specification FC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC (PC and APC)
External size 17 mm dia. (body) x 26 mm dia. (flange)
Actual weight ~50 g
Vibration standard MIL-STD-167-1A
Impact standard MIL-STD-810G
 IP rating IP 68

Order code

 RPT- Working wavelengthFiber categoryConnector type
 RPTA- Working wavelength -Fiber category -Connector type
 RPTPC- Working wavelengthFiber categoryConnector type
 RFC- Working wavelengthFiber category

 RST- Working wavelengthFiber category

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