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PJ2 plastic OFRJs

PJ2 Type Double-Channel Plastic Optical Fiber Rotary Joint (OFRJ)




Plastic optical fibers have the following characteristics: large aperture, easy optical coupling; easy to connect; easy to bend, not easy to break. Therefore, it is very popular in short distance communication system.

PJ2 connects two separate plastic fiber channels at the same time. There is no blind spot when the sliding ring rotates. Precise design, PJ2 can be used underwater. Once the optical fiber is damaged, it is easy to repair and avoid the replacement of the sliding ring itself.

For more channels, please refer to MXn series; RPT series is optional for single channel.

 Technical parameter
Parameter Value
Wavelength 650 nm
Insertion loss <7 dB/channel1, <10 dB/channel 2(premium: <7 dB)
Insertion loss variation <+/-1 dB/channel1, <+/-1.5 dB/channel2
Return loss ~40 dB
Channel crosstalk >40 dB
Maximum speed 1000 RPM
Pulling force 20 N
Starting torque <0.2 Nm
Life expectancy >200 million revolutions
Withstanding power 23 dBm
Working temperature -40 to 85 C
Storage temperature -50 to 85 C
Package type Bilateral pigtail output
Body material Stainless steel / aluminum
Fiber specification PMMA step index, 1 mm core/2 mm jacket
Connector type FC, ST, and SMA905
Actual size 24 mm dia. x 130 mm length
Actual weight ~250 g
Vibration standard MIL-STD-167-1A
Impact standard MIL-STD-810G
IP rating IP 68
 Order code
PJ2- working wavelength- Fiber category- connector type
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PJ2 outline drawing


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