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  • High temperature slip ring

High / Low temperature slip ring


High temperature slip ring is a series of standard slip ring that can be used in high temperature environment to transmit precise signal, high-current, weak current, high voltage; And it provides low torque, low-loss and maintenance-free, low electrical noise.Operation temp: -80℃ to +300℃


Ingiant high temperature slip ring can work stably in 100~250℃ high temperature working conditions;

Can transmit various thermometry signals of PT100 and K type thermocouple,the accuracy of thermometry is less than 0.1℃;

Advantages: low torque, low loss, low electrical noise, no maintenance,etc.

Can customized as special shape and meet any install requirement;

Support thermocouple signal, switch signal and power combined transmission.


Tell us about your requirements:

1) Circuits, voltage per circuit, amps per circuit

2) Size constraints (max OD & max Length)

3) Operating speed and duty cycle

4) Level of protection (IP65, explosion proof, class division ratings)

5) Construction material (aluminum, stainless steel)

6) Mounting type (flange, shaft)

7) Connection types (1/2 “ NPT / flying leads (length))

8) Environment temperature

9) Quote quantity and annual usage