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Ingiant 16mm through bore slip ring, IP54, 10A for Welding E


Ingiantthrough hole slip ringfor automation machines



Number of circuits


Working temperature


Rated current


Working humidity


Rated voltage

0~240 VAC/VDC

Protection level


Insulation resistance

≥1000MΩ @500VDC

Housing material

Aluminum Alloy

Insulation strength

1500 VAC@50Hz,60s,2mA

Electrical contact material

Precious metal

Dynamic resistance variation


Lead wire specification

Colored Teflon insulated & tinned stranded flexible wire

Rotating speed


Lead wire length

500mm + 20mm

All of the above can be customized except (Insulation resistance. Insulation strength. Dynamic resistance variation), if there is no suitable standard products, can be customized according to your requirements

Standard product outline drawing:


        Through-hole slip rings (the center hole can pass through the driveshaft, gas-liquid passage; it can also integrate high frequency, fiber, encoder, waveguide, gas, and liquid and other joints). Using an advanced fiber brush, reliable contact is guaranteed with very low friction. The center hole can be selected from 0 to 1000mm, the current can be selected from mA to 5000 amps, and the voltage can be up to 10000 volts, which can fully meet your different transmission schemes.


Electrical slip ring Features & Advantages

                                         Transmit analog and digital signal

                                         Compatible with data bus protocols

                                         Easy to install


                                         Long service life

                                         Rapid delivery

                                         Custom solution

Our Advantage

      Product advantage:With the encapsulated miniature slip rings, we offer you the ideal components for transmitting power and signal current to rotating components. Our comprehensive product range also has the right solution for your applications.

      Company advantage:  Transmission technology for complex industrial and safety-relevant applications form the core of our product range. All products can be individually adapted to the applications in order to offer you added value. Premium engineering - that is our claim for every single product we manufacture. We would like to convince you of this.

      customised  advantage: The different Ingiant slip ring series are optimised for a wide range of applications. We support our customers for tailor-made solutions. All products can be individually adapted to the applications in order to offer you added value. We support our customers for customised solutions .