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Ingiant pneumatic rotary joint rotary union


Ingiant technology is a professional customized rotary joint manufacturer in China, integrating scientific research, development and manufacturing. The company's main products include: conductive slip ring, rotary joint, high-pressure rotary joint, high-speed rotary joint, high-temperature rotary joint, swivel joint, multi-channel rotary joint, hydraulic rotary joint, mud rotary joint, rotary joint of environmental protection equipment, sealing laminated ring, metal hose and other sealing supporting products.

Pneumatic rotary joint is a transitional sealing device that inputs gas medium from static system to dynamic rotary system. Pneumatic rotary joint is mainly used in many industries such as metallurgical machinery, road rolling machinery, paper machinery, construction machinery, siphon system and so on. It is suitable for automatic equipment of pneumatic control design.


Working medium: water, hydraulic oil, compressed air, etc., which can be customized

Number of channels: customizable

Maximum speed: 1500rpm, customizable

Maximum temperature: 100 ° C, customizable

Maximum pressure: 25MPa, customizable

Installation method: through hole, flange, customizable

Connecting thread size: 1 / 4 ", 1 / 8", 1 / 2 ", customizable


Product advantages:

High temperature resistance

Corrosion resistance

Wear resistance

Good sealing

High life

Small torque

Provide customized solutions


Notes for use of pneumatic rotary joint:

It is forbidden to use pneumatic rotary joints in places with excessive vibration, impact, rotation and bending

It is forbidden to disassemble or restructure the product, which has the risk of leakage

During the maintenance and regular inspection of pneumatic rotary joint, please completely discharge the fluid in the supporting system

Do not touch the pipe sleeve when there is pressure in the pipe joint