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stainless steel customized slip ring


Stainless steel material plug in connection slip ring

Stainless steel material slip ring is for harsh environment, the material can protect slip ring from rust, it also called IP65 slip ring, collector ring and current collector ring. The maximum current can reach 7500A. The design principle of this kind of slip ring is used for marine, filling machine, welding, electroplating, high-power charging equipment, cable reel, etc. Stainless steel slip rings usually use silver alloy / gold alloy as the main contact material. During the operation of stainless steel slip ring, reliable electrical contact and good structure materials such as 304SS or 314SS or 316SS are required to slip ring long working lifespan.


Features of high current slip ring:

It can pass through 30A, 60A, 100A, or even customized 3000A products

Support 500W, 1000W, 2000W and higher power equipment

China military technology gold plating Extremely low contact resistance and low heating.

Temperature rise test and high current impact test will be conducted for each set before leaving the factory

Shaft mounting or flange mounting optional

Outgoing line or terminal optional

High current conductive slip ring customized options:

1. number of channels;

2. signal and power supply can be transmitted separately or mixed, can be combined with pneumatic or hydraulic;

3. current and voltage;

4. conductor length;

5. connection terminal size and type;

6. protection grade;

7. outgoing line direction.


Typical applications of high current conductive slip ring:

1. industrial machinery - machining center, turntable, lifting equipment tower, coil wheel, test equipment, packaging machinery, etc

2. magnetic actuator, processing program control equipment, rotary table sensor, emergency lighting, robot, radar, etc

3. manufacturing and control equipment.

According to the needs of some customers with large current and super large current, Ingiant can design a terminal installation mode that meets the needs of customers.

For the slip ring of high current terminal, brass terminal studs of different sizes can be used according to the installation mode and current. This way of fixing the wiring with brass studs and brass nuts is very firm, and large pieces of brass can stably transmit high current.

The slip ring of the terminal can transmit 3000A current at most. If you have a greater current transmission demand, please inform us, and our engineers will provide you with the best solution!