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Ingiant slip rings 81mm diameter 34 circuits with flange ins



The main parameters

Number of circuits


Working temperature


Rated current

can be customized

Working humidity


Rated voltage

0~240 VAC/VDC

Protection level


Insulation resistance

≥1000MΩ @500VDC

Housing material

Aluminum Alloy

Insulation strength

1500 VAC@50Hz,60s,2mA

Electrical contact material

Precious metal

Dynamic resistance variation


Lead wire specification

Colored Teflon insulated & tinned stranded flexible wire

Rotating speed


Lead wire length

500mm + 20mm

All of the above can be customized except (Insulation resistance. Insulation strength. Dynamic resistance variation), if there is no suitable standard products, can be customized according to your requirements

Product drawing:

Advantages of the hollow shaft slip rings

         Hollow shaft slip rings are suitable for both directions of rotation. They are designed in such a way that both the inner or the outer ring can be rotated or blocked. This makes their use very flexible. These modules are so robustly constructed that they can withstand speeds of up to 1200 revolutions per minute. This makes them easy to use for demanding applications, such as wheel hub motors. With protection class IP51, the slip rings are sufficiently tight against penetrating splash water or dust. The maximum operating temperature is 80 °C. This makes them suitable for hot water lines, hydraulic applications or compressed air ducts.

       If the hollow shaft slip rings are to be installed on hot steam lines, an additional sleeve made of heat-insulating material is recommended. Hollow shaft slip rings are maintenance-free and have a precisely defined service life. As they are very inexpensive and easy to replace, their use ensures long-term operational reliability. In summary, hollow shaft slip rings offer the following advantages:

Impact-resistant housing, also made of metal on request

Maintenance-free and durable

Acid- and corrosion-resistant outer material

Reliable transmission of all power and control currents up to 690V

       Slip rings are moving components. As a result, they are exposed to high mechanical loads. Even the smaller plastic housings are sufficiently impact-resistant against normal loads. In the metallic version, the hollow shaft slip rings can also withstand powerful lateral impacts. The slip rings can also be used in critical environments, for example in the vicinity of chemical or cooling lines. The transmission reliability of the currents is always guaranteed even at maximum temperature and highest speed. Our hollow-shaft slip rings are also sufficiently radio-interference suppressed so that they do not emit any interfering signals in the vicinity of transmitting and receiving equipment.

Our advantage:


      Product advantage: Light in weight and compact in size, easy to install. Built-in connectors facilitate installation, reliable signals transmission, no interference and no package loss. Unique integrated high frequency rotary joints that demonstrate great stability when transmitting signals.

     Company advantage: The R&D team of Ingiant has strong research and development strength, rich experience, unique design concept, advanced testing technology, as well as years of technical accumulation and cooperation and absorption of foreign advanced technology, making our technology always maintain the international leading level and lead the industry. The company has provided various high-precision conductive slip rings and technical support for various military, aviation, navigation, wind power, automation equipment, research institutes and colleges for a long time. The mature and perfect solutions and reliable quality have been highly recognized in the industry.

     INGIANT adheres to the business philosophy of "customer-centered, quality-based, innovation-driven", seeks to win the market with high-quality products and considerate services, in terms of pre-sales, production, after-sales and product warrenty, we provide customized service to meet various demands of clients so Ingiant obtained a excellent reputation from the industry.