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Conductive slip ring|collector ring|high end slip ring|milit
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    Conductive slip rings are widely used in astronomical navigation, photoelectric tracking, photoelectric search and other equipment, providing power supply, signal, light, microwave transmission when the equipment rotates. The narrow conductive slip ring mainly provides the transmission of electric power and signal, and realizes the simultaneous transmission of optical signal and microwave by combining photoelectric rotary joint and high frequency rotary joint.

    Most of the military slip rings need to be customized, and several indicators need to be considered, such as contact stability, operating stability, rotating life, anti-interference and the volume of the slip ring itself (because most military equipment needs to maximize its function in a limited space, so smaller size and reliability are equally important). The stability of slip rings needs to be achieved through preferred materials and structures. Contact material is the most critical part of the slip ring, which has a direct impact on the quality of the slip ring. It requires high conductivity, good thermal conductivity, high melting point, low resistance temperature coefficient, as well as anti-oxidation, anti-sulfidation, anti-corrosion gas, high hardness, good wear resistance, as well as good welding resistance, arc corrosion resistance and burn resistance. There are commonly used silver-copper-nickel alloy, beryllium bronze, gold-nickel alloy, silver-copper-nickel alloy low melting point, low hardness, wear resistance, vulcanization; beryllium bronze is easy to oxidize; gold-nickel alloy price is high.

    Electric sliding ring contact mode we usually adopt multi-point contact, but also has the characteristics of high current density, small volume, and multi-point contact than single point contact and surface contact, with lower contact pressure characteristics, so there will be lower wear. The insulation performance between ring and ring is also an important property of conductive slip ring.