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Ingiant technology high end custom slip ring
Time:2023-04-02 15:42Views:

    The development of precision conductive slip rings began with military applications, and with the development of modern industrial equipment, they are gradually extended to civilian use. Now they are widely used in aviation, marine, wind power, medical, industrial automation equipment and other rotating equipment. As a high-tech product, the technology research of electro-slip ring covers many subjects, such as material molecule, mechanics, electronics and so on. In product design, especially some high-demand custom slip rings, the slip ring manufacturer designers should not only have a wide range of professional knowledge, but also should have rich practical experience.

    Special customized series of conductive slip ring products need to be designed according to the application field, working environment, electrical requirements, installation structure, post-maintenance and other aspects. Maintainability is easy to be neglected in design. Improper design may increase the difficulty and cost of maintenance. Especially those large equipment with complex structure and special environment. We need confirm very carefully for next step work.

    The conductive slip ring is almost suitable for all low-frequency signals, high-power transmission or mixed transmission. At present, most of the products on the market use fiber brush technology, low contact pressure multi-point contact can not only ensure low wear and tear when sliding, but also ensure transmission effect, but also has a high area efficiency, to achieve mixed transmission of signal and power, maintenance-free, long service life. According to the specific application requirements, we can provide underwater, high speed, high temperature, high pressure, broadband and other special application products.