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Ingiant latest high-speed slip ring information
Time:2023-04-02 15:45Views:

     Since more than ten years of involvement in the slip ring industry, our company has been committed to the continuous study of high-tech slip rings, to provide customers with high quality, high performance, high cost-effective conductive slip rings, the company's main research direction in 2014 is to develop high-speed, long-life conductive slip rings for customers, after six months of effort, high-quality high-speed slip rings finally developed. Send out, speed up to 2000-3000 RPM / min, life can reach more than 100 million rpm, customer use and feedback is good, and said that our company's high-speed slip ring life beyond the advanced level of foreign countries!


    DHS series high-speed slip ring, diameter without through-hole, 60mm outer diameter aluminum alloy structure of the whole precision conductive slip ring, fully support the application of 5000 ~ 30000Rpm, can mix transmission power and current, signal transmission is very stable. American military plating technology, precious metal & superhard gold plating treatment, with its own compact size, compact structure makes this high-speed slip ring very suitable.

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