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RF rotary joint

Dual-channel coaxial RF rotary joint


Name: High frequency rotary joint, RF Coaxial rotary joint, waveguide rotary joint, waveguide slip ring

The dual-channel coaxial rotary joint is conducive to reducing the size of the structure and processing, and is conducive to stable rotation. It meets the microwave transmission in a wide frequency band with excellent performance indicators, including the rotating section and the fixed end.

Dual-channel coaxial RF rotary joint with compact size, and stable rotating performance

Interface Type: SMA female connector (50Ω)

Channel for choice: 1 channel/2 channel/3 channel

Type: I

Frequency range: DC to 5GHz/8GHz/13GHz/18GHz

Maximum Peak Power Rate: 1500W

Maximum Average Power Rate: 30W ~ 60W (Per required by customer)

Maximum standing wave ratio: 1.2~2.2 @ 0~18GHz

VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio): 0.05~1.5 (Depends on channel qty, the more channel, the larger VSWR)

Insertion loss: 0.2 ~ 1dB

Insertion loss fluctuation value: 0.05dB ~ 0.5dB

Phase Shift (Maximum Angle): 0.5°~10°

Isolation: 50~60dB

Application: Radar, Satellite, defense etc