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Slip ring application for turntable
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The slip ring of turntable refers to the conductive slip ring specially designed for the use of turntable. Because the slip ring of turntable is generally used in high-end fields such as military turntable, strict requirements for product size, signal and performance require that the manufacturers not only have strong technical strength, but also have strict requirements for product quality control and after-sales service.

The turntable slip rings produced by Jiujiang Ingiant Technology Research Institute have been successfully tested on several test turntables and simulation test turntables. The slip rings of Ingiant turntable have low strength moment, low resistance fluctuation value, compact shape, many channels, many signal types, compact size and high performance requirements, which have won unanimous praise in the industry. The commonly selected types are cap slip rings and hollow axle slip rings.

We can recommend suitable models according to the actual needs of customers. At the same time, we can provide the transmission of intermediate frequency signal and high frequency signal. We can customize the slip ring with higher requirements for customers.

Application for UAV Turntable, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Cloud Terrace, Handheld Camera, Unmanned aerial vehicle aerial photography, etc.