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Slip Ring Application for Filling Equipment
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   Filling machine is a small category of packaging machinery products, according to the type of packaging materials are divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, particle filling machine.

   From the degree of automation, it can be divided into semi-automatic filling machine and full-automatic filling production line.

   Filling machine is widely used in food industry, beverage industry, daily chemical industry and so on. The competition of food packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. In the future, food filling machinery will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, and develop multi-functional, high efficiency and low consumption food packaging equipment. Modern automatic filling machines can be used as independent devices for PET or HDPE bottles, or combined bottle blowing machines for PET bottles and filling.

   When the filling machine operates, it has the function of manual and automatic switching. When the machine is in the "automatic" state, the machine automatically fills continuously according to the set speed. When the machine is in the "manual" state, the operator steps on the pedal to realize filling. If the filling machine keeps stepping on, it will also become the state of automatic continuous filling.

   Automatic continuous filling state of filling machine requires continuous rotation of slip ring to promote continuous rolling operation alternately, and transmission of 100 MHz Ethernet signal for equipment control.

Main technical parameters of slip ring of filling machine:

Loop Current: 1 Channel * 100MHz Ethernet Signal

Working Voltage: 48VAC

Operating temperature: - 20 ~60

Working humidity: <60% RH

Working speed: +~300 RPM

Insulation Resistance: 20M@100VDC

Compressive strength: between two routes (> 100V @50Hz)

Electrical noise: <15 m_ (operating at 50 rpm)

Shell material: engineering plastics

Contact Material: Gold to Gold

Wire specification: eight-core Ethernet