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Aerospace slip ring rotary joint
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As a key equipment for transmitting power and control signals from fixed end to rotating end, conductive slip ring can be used in almost all industries, such as military hardware, aerospace, navigation, weapons, new energy development, industrial automation, medical equipment and so on.

According to the requirements of high precision and high performance of aerospace equipment, Aerospace slip ring products mainly include the following three types of products:

First, high precision conductive slip ring series. The main characteristics of this kind of products are: small size, light weight, high precision and long service life; precious metal contact mode, high reliability; shell and other metal parts, using special materials and industry, adapted to high humidity, high heat, strong vibration, corrosion resistance and other environments, suitable for vacuum state information transmission.

Second, multi-loop conductive slip ring series. The main features of this kind of products are as follows: many rings can transmit multiple high current and control signals; connectors are directly plugged in to facilitate the installation and maintenance of slip rings; composite brush block contact mode and precious metal brush wire contact mode are adopted, which have high electrical characteristics and reliability.

Third, long life high speed conductive sliding ring series. In applications such as high-speed rail, aeroengine, large aircraft and high-speed weapons, real-time monitoring and control of flywheel, blade of aeroengine, wind tunnel test of large aircraft and flight navigation information of high-speed weapons are needed. Therefore, the rotational speed and life of conductive sliding rings are required in such applications. And the sliding ring is required to be able to maintain high-speed operation under the condition of high rotation.