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Ingiant fiber optic slip ring
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As a professional customized slip ring manufacturer, Ingiant provide fiber optic electric slip ring per customer demands. Fiber optic slip ring is slip ring combined with  fiber optic rotary joint, it’s function is to transmit power/signal/data and high speed signal/data.

Can be applied to HD video system, microwave communication, medical equipment, sensor signal measurement, radar and video monitoring system etc.

The advantage it improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation and avoiding damages to fiber when rotating.

For fiber optic slip ring, the fiber optic are available with 1 up to 8 fiber optical channels and FC, ST, SMA, SC or LC connectors. The fibers are available as single-mode or multi-mode.

The slip ring parts can select 1 up to 100 rings for standard signal or power transmission from 1A to 10A each ring.

We offer standardized & modularized design and fully customizable products according to the special requirements of customers in different applications.